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A New Bank Account

Opening a new a bank account can be carried out in a number of steps and can be done in person at a financial institution or online on a banking website:
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. However, even applying online, you will still be required to confirm your details submitted through a form sent to you in the mail and will have to more than likely submit supplementary documentation in the form of proof of address, proof of earnings and proof of identification at the very least. That said; it is a relatively simple process.

Before you go and open a new bank account, it would be wise to trawl the internet or the high street to check for any new bank account offers and to also consider which type of account you want to open: a checking account or a savings account for example are two of the most popular types of accounts that are available. Once you have chosen the financial institution that offers you the best in terms of service and offers; either visit them in person or go to their website.

Opening a new bank account online offers you great flexibility where you can apply at any time of the day or night; applying in person can be tricky if you have a nine to five job and most banking institutions close for business outside of these hours Monday to Friday. The beauty of visiting the bank in person is that you get to speak with a customer service member of staff who can answer any questions that you may have.

Once you have decided which type of account that will best suit your banking needs, either proceed to apply for one online or at your local bank. Be aware that you will need to supply personal information such as your full name, date of birth, full postal address, marital status, occupation, social security number and salary to name but a few.

These are all run-of-the-mill questions and are necessary by the bank to be able to open a new bank account for you. You will be required to read all the fine print and the bank's terms and conditions, making sure that you fully understand them before agreeing to them and either sign to agree (if you apply in person) or select the I agree button (if you are applying online). Online applications can either be sent via the server or printed off and mailed to your chosen bank.

It takes time for your application to be considered when you apply online; in most cases when you apply in person the account can be opened on the same day but usually within twenty four hours. Although you will be given your account number and bank sorting code almost immediately, you will have to wait for items such as a check book, banking card, deposit book and pin number to be mailed to you within a week or two. Services such as an overdraft or additional bank cards are something that can be considered by your bank to give to you based on the activity and good standing of your account in the future.

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